Saturday, May 19, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 237th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 237th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 237 !
 Not much progress to report this week. I finished a Isharann Tidecaster this week ( previous post ) & made some progress on the Eidolon of Mathlann Aspect of the Sea. The model is 95% complete , just some more highlights on the fishes & manta ray , water & gloss varnish on the clamps and gems.
I haven't started on the base yet. No progress on other mini's.

That's it for this week , see you all next week !

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Idoneth Deepkin : First Isharann Tidecaster finished !

I finished the first miniature for my new Idoneth Deepkin army. The Isharann Tidecaster.
I bought 2 of these and this is the first one finished. 
I converted this one oh so slightly ... I made a bundle of hair look like it snapped.
I love this model and I didn't want to alter it too much. So just altered a detail and now their no longer 100 % the same.
Painted in 2018 : 86

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 236th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 236th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 236 !

I finished 25 miniatures this week , so I got a very productive week. 20 Dwarfs & 5 High Elves White Lions. So the table was empty & I filled it with some Idoneth Deepkin & a Bloodthirster.
 I played a bit with my airbrush and a drybrush here and there and this is the result.
The water-cape is finished ( will add some more details , I think ) and I did the other Charcters capes the same way... Also started on the armour ( base color + wash ).
The Bloodthirster wingz are 90% done , no other colors applied yet...

That's it for this week. Hopefully more progress next week !

High Elves : 5 White Lions finished !

 I managed to finish 5 of the White Lions that have stood on the paint table for ages.
They will form a group with the other 10 + Captain Korhil.
Front & back.
Painted in 2018 : 85

Friday, May 11, 2018

Dwarfs : Another Battle for Skull pass Warrior regiment finished !

Finally finished something again. It's been too long... over a month !
But these 20 Dwarf warriors put an end to the 'no painting' period.
These are 2 warrior groups of the Battle for Skull pass box combined with only one command group.
These are my favorite miniatures to paint as I have painted (and converted) 6 groups of these. These ones are group 5 & 6 combined. No other miniatures could convince me to buy them 6 times (and paint them) !
Champion - Standard-bearer & Musician 
The 3 different types of warriors
They're all magnetized onto the movement tray
That's another project finished ... on to the next one !

Painted in 2018 : 80

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 235th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 235th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 235 !
 Yes paint table 235 is exactly the same as 234.
I had a very bad week and not one second to relax & paint.
Better luck next week I suppose...

Friday, May 4, 2018

Spring clean up...

I cleaned up my cabinets and made some pictures. I've got 8 big cabinets and a small one.
And as of this year I had to store some miniatures in boxes (8) to make room for new additions.
Daughters of Khaine & Dark Elves - Sylvaneth & Wood Elves
Tomb Kings - Legion of Nagash
Stormcast Eternals
Skaven - Chaos
Chaos (Khorne) - Daemons
 Grey Knights - LOTR
Dwarfs - Bretonnia
Dwarfs - Fyreslayers
Kharadron Overlords - Idoneth Deepkin
High Elves
High Elves
Tau - Tau Transformers
Shadespire miniatures
Warhammer Quest miniatures
Age of Sigmar Stormcast eternals
Ogres & Urruck
40K various
Gael army
40K Death Guards & Legio Custodes
Super Dungeon Explore

I also have 4 mini cabinets but they're not in the pictures as they haven't been cleaned yet. ( I forgot )
So this is my collection and I hope to add more painted mini's soon ! 
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